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Spiritof Freedom Post 76 in Las Vegas

Welcome to the official website for American Legion Post 76 in Las Vegas,  
NV.  This website informs local veterans of all war eras and their families
 of how the Legion can work for them

Post Commanders and Adjutants

Post Commanders and Adjutants

Post 76 Las Vegas, NV, Nevada

May 1, 2013

Year         Commander      Adjutant

1994-1995 William Powers, Paul Kelly

1995-1997 Jerry Simpson, Paul Kelly & Ken Mason

1997-1999 Joe Folsom Casey Martin & John Rost

1999-2000 John O'Sullivan, John Rost & Jeffery Mills

2000-2001 Roy Funke & Jack Ford, John Rost

2001-2002 Jack Ford, John Rost

2002-2005 Torres Ramey John Rost

2005-2006 Harry Keneman John Rost

2006-2007 Torey Ramey John Rost

2007-2008 John Rost Paul Hemsley Sr.

2008-2009 Robert Jagemann Paul Hemsley Sr.

2009-2010 Robert Jagemann Paul Hemsley Sr.

2010-2011 John “Ted” Pugh, Jack Ford

2011-2012 John “Ted” Pugh, Jack Ford & Roger Henning PhD

2012-2013 Paul Hestand Roger Henning PhD

2013-2014 Joel Forman Roger Henning PhD

2014-2015 Joel Forman Stephen Daugherty

2016-2017 Joel Forman Stephen Daugherty

2017-2018  Mike Percival,  Stephen Daugherty

2018-2019   Mike Percival,  Tom Mahon

2019-2020  Mike Shepheard Thomas Mahon